Overview Of TimeTec Patrol Setup
Company Setup
Add Users/Guards, Appoint Admins
Setup Company's Divisions/Patrol Locations, Assign Users/Guards
Create Emergency Contacts for each patrol location
TimeTec Patrol Setup
Add Patrol Devices, Assign them to patrol locations and patrolling guards
Patrol Location A
Patrol Location B
Patrol Location C
Create Incidents, Assign them to patrol location and notification recipients
Configure locations & checkpoints. Create buildings, floor and checkpoints
Add Patrol Routes, Assign checkpoints to every route. Set interval times between checkpoints

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Create guard's patrol schedules. Assign routes and guards to the schedules

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Once the configuration is done, admin can login to patrol app to enroll checkpoints. (NFC Tag)
TimeTec Patrol App
Security Guards carry out duties using App on Android smartphones based on schedules and routes assigned
Report Incidents
Job Order
Emails and Notifications will be sent to emergency contacts and person in-charge for effective monitoring and action
Download PDF
TimeTec Patrol Web
• Map View & Floor Plan
• Live Feed
• Event Report
• Send Job Orders
• Detailed patrol activities
• Export reports in various formats
Data Audit List
• View all activity logs